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Join Nurses around the country who feel the same about protecting and standing up for their profession.

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Nurses on the lawn of St. Joseph's Infirmiry, Atlanta, Georgia in 1910.
We've come a long way baby! BUT one thing has not changed and that is professionalism and a call to duty that those who are not nurses will not and can not ever understand. Don't hand your future over to someone who is not a professional nurse.

We salute all nurses on the "front lines" of health care, who work hard every day......Those who come to us in need should be cared for and comforted by nurses who understand the importance of their role and the tremendous need for their presence at the bedside.  Be one of those nurses!

Speaking out as a professional is important.

HOW we speak out is clearly very important. Some nurses make the mistake of acting without thinking things out thoroughly. Sometimes when that happens, what they wanted to say gets lost in what they did to make their point.


Sometimes, these actions can be encouraged by those who are not even nurses. What do they care...They're not responsible for patient's lives. How could they possibly even understand the impact?


This is a major reason we don't believe in union activity to solve workplace problems. This is why you will never see us on a strike line. We will be where we belong and where we are needed. At the bedside caring for our patients and their families.

The nurses of One Voice - Our Voice encourage professionalism in everything. Even when you have what you feel are legitimate problems, complaints or strong feelings to express, it is NEVER acceptable to impact patient care and safety in a negative manner to make a point. The nurses of One Voice-Our Voice will never use our patients as pawns to get what we want. Not now. Not in the future. Not ever ...... period.


What does it mean to be a professional?
It means showing up when you are supposed to.
It means giving excellent care at all times, even if you have other things on your mind.

It means identifying problems in a professional manner and being part of the solution.

It means being a good role model for others who are coming up behind you and watching you for leadership.

It means facing your responsibilities even when you don't feel like it.

It means showing those who depend on you for their very life that you will be there..... no matter what.

It means being a nurse..........a real nurse..........A professional nurse. 



This is not a "pro-union" or "no union" issue. This is a PROFESSIONALISM issue.  

"Those who turn good organizations into great organizations are motivated by a deep creative urge and an inner compulsion for sheer unadulterated excellence for its own sake."  - Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great"



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