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The CNA likes to say the nurse:patient ratios have nurses flocking to California because of this landmark law. In fact, they are using this as their platform to convince nurses in other states to join the NNOC/CNA.  Read the information below and see if what they are saying makes sense.

We have said all along that the nurse:patient ratios are not realistic AT ALL TIMES. It's a fact and nothing they say or promise will change that overnight. It is important for us to remember that each hospital is different and has unique problems that may hinder total compliance at all times.  The CNA does not send a bus full of nurses to drive up and save the day for you when you are short staffed. So we say again, the nurse:patient ratios are not realistic AT ALL TIMES.

Based on staffing availability and budget problems, some hospitals may find that mandated set numbers are not possible to fill. This causes staff dissatisfaction and gives new nurses entering the field unrealistic expectations for life in the REAL nursing world. We agree that the ratios are good and life is great if they are met but that is not always possible as the study below clearly points out.

(The following is an older study now but many points remain valid.)
Thanks to
Kristine Yahn and Californians for Patient Care

In the first statewide study of its kind, an analysis of 24 California regions shows that the ratio of RN jobs (actual positions filled) per 100,000 population is lower in all but two regions than the U.S. average, according to the California Institute for Nursing and Health Care (CINHC). Half of the areas earned letter grades of D or F. The study was commissioned by CINHC and conducted by researchers from the VA Long Beach Healthcare System and the School of Medicine, University of California, Irvine.

"Though California is taking steps to increase the capacity of its nursing schools and looking at long-term solutions to the nursing shortage," said Deloras Jones, RN, MSN, executive director of CINHC, "this study demonstrates that California is lagging behind the nation. The quality of our health care system is highly dependant on nurses and building capacity in California's schools of nursing is the state's most urgent nursing workforce need."

The national average number of RN jobs per 100,000 was 787. The California average RN job ratio was 622. All California P/MSAs fell below the national average with the exception of the Redding and San Francisco areas. Five P/MSAs received F's, indicating a ratio more than 320 RN jobs per capita fewer than that of the nation. The most common grade for California is D received by 8 out of 24 P/MSAs. See report here  California Registered Nurse Regional Report Card

 UC Davis Medical Center loses magnet status
Hospital official says nurse union's militancy affected on-site review.

Another reason we don't want to be in this union. 
What did that accomplish?
This is a very good example of how unprofessional activity can have very negative results. Nothing positive and a big disappointment for many!

This story was featured on January 20, 2006 in the Sacramento Bee 


The majority of nurses in California want to be part of positive changes for health care in California. We encourage all nurses to  participate in the dialogue in a professional manner.  The California Nurses Association does not speak for all of us. There are many other voices to be heard. Contrary to what the CNA wants the public to believe, every nurse in California is not angry with our Governor.  We believe in solving problems together, professionally and in a manner that allows the public to hear all sides.  Our voices will be heard. Stay tuned!

The numbers are growing! Nurses in many parts of our state are realizing we have been right about standing up for yourself and using your own voice. Professional nurses believe in themselves, not union organizers with hidden agendas.  Join the professional and independent nurses  who are watching and take nursing back in California. WE CAN SPEAK FOR OURSELVES!

Are more and more nurses realizing that money taken from their pay checks for CNA dues is going for other things besides helping them in their respective hospitals? Do you really want to help CNA organize nurses in Chicago, Arizona, Ohio and elsewhere with YOUR money. 

 Stand up for professionalism in nursing. Speak for yourself.......Together!

YOU can make a differenceTHINK of the POSSIBILITIES for change when you use your own voice!

Staff nurses ARE a powerful voice.
Don't give YOUR voice away.

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